It was instantly obvious in my online communication with Mari Smith that she had a unique knack for understanding and utilizing technology as a form of communication.  In fact, whenever I wanted an e-blast to get opened and read by the thousands of members we had who were inundated by dozens of emails a day from our organization, I would get Mari Smith to give them her treatment.


I have to admit, Mari Smith and I have been friends for so long that I don't even remember all of the direction and suggestions I provided her with as I encouraged her to start on the path she is now on.  Numerous little tips and tweaks for how to position her offers and what additional value she had to give.


Obviously Mari Smith has gone on to become one of the leading experts on proven ways to market your business on social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.  And I'm certain Mari Smith would tell you that what she is doing now is a better fit and more satisfying than personal coaching.


My expertise is in recognizing and creating Effective Ethical Marketing strategies for gifted trainers and entrepreneurs so that they can fulfill their Million Dollar Value.  I only work with a select few clients at any one time, but I am always available to provide feedback if you'd like me to assess what I believe your Million Dollar Value is.