Success Stories
Lisa Sasevich


"I now make millions of dollars with what I used to give away for free!" 

Graham is the coach who helped me identify my Million Dollar Value, connected me with his six figure mastermind group and got me on my first stage presenting "The Invisible Close".


With his persistent encouragement I was able to take what I was unconsciously brilliant at and build a business that now makes me   Millions of Dollars every year!"


Before "The Invisible Close" Existed:


Lisa Sasevich -



Mari Smith

"My teleclass enrollments QUADRUPLED after working with Graham." 

Graham's encouragement to change my focus to what I'm brilliant at has changed my business and my life.  His guidance led me to discover my true Million Dollar Value and I now make more money in an hour than I used to make in a Month!


Mari Shares Her Results:





Craig Gauthier

"I made over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in two hours with the presentation Graham helped me create." 

I was WAY OFF before I came to Graham in what I believed was the greatest value I had to offer.  Working with him not only got me clear on what my Million Dollar Value is, but his strategies put me on stage with a presentation that was so powerful I was literally begging people NOT to purchase the demand was so overwhelming!  Speakers with DECADES of experience were asking me who I was and how I just did $500,000 in sales from a single offer!!!

 Craig Gauthier -



Casey Truffo

"I DOUBLED workshop registrations and monthly sales.  I'm up to $20,000/mo!!!" 

Graham was able to take a look at my website traffic, Google statistics and marketing strategies and help me get every single one of them converting to MUCH higher sales.   I've QUADRUPLED my net income!


Casey Explains Her Results:


Casey Truffo - Be A Wealthy




Melanie Benson Strick

"Graham helped my transition into a successful Six Figure Trainer." 

Graham helped me make the transition from being a coach to becoming a trainer and step into it with the confidence and knowledge that I have something of tremendous value to offer. 


 I love the fact that I not only get to do what I really love, but that I get to make a fabulous living doing it!

Melanie speaks about her transition from "Coach" to "Brand":


 Melanie Benson Strick -




Kevin Doherty

"I created an entire six figure business from what I learned from Graham." 

After completely recrafting my own online image, Graham encouraged me to me to offer coaching to other acupuncturists.  In just two years I have hundreds of satisfied clients and have added hundreds of thousands of dollars to my income.


 Kevin Doherty


These Results Are Typical


My gift is in helping people identify and monetize their Million Dollar Value in the service of others.  The results shared in the testimonials you read on this page occur every time someone connects with the real value they are here to share.  I call it your Million Dollar Value.  I also call it your Purpose.



Graham White


Your Purpose:

  • Is for the benefit of others
  • Is inherently motivating
  • Is based on natural gifts
  • Needs to be quantified in terms of measurable value if you want it to be your business

Get Set For Profitability:

It's amazing how much better your business works when you tweak all the pieces to work together instead of struggling with each piece independently.